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    Lianyungang Union International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. is located in Lianyungang, a beautiful coastal city. It is a comprehensive international logistics enterprise which is approved by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of the People's Republic of China. It has the qualification of an international freight forwarding company. Companies to improve the service functions, improve the transport network and logistics services network and dedication to domestic and foreign enterprises and users to provide international freight forwarders and third-party logistics services. The company and the United States President Oil Tank (APL), Haifeng (SITC), WHL, Yangming (YML), the Mediterranean (MSC), Dafei (CMA), COSCO (COSCO), Japan Cruise Ship (NYK) Has a dual advantage of route and price. The company has a professional skills and high skill, with many years of experience in the team, with a keen insight into the market, real-time grasp the industry's latest developments, supplemented by the company's advanced operating system, all-round to provide customers with high quality , Low-cost services.

    Companies in the international shipping, motor transport, warehousing, customs clearance, customs clearance, insurance, Pinxiang, Cargo, inspection, CO, F / A and other fields have a mature business network and market experience. In Shanghai, Qingdao, Guangzhou, Xuzhou, Ningbo, nearly 16 port areas are provided land, sea and air transport and booking, customs clearance, customs clearance and other services. Companies adhere to the "we carefully, customer confidence," the service of faith and business philosophy, give full play to the professional, network, information technology to a high level of service quality and large-scale operational capacity, to become China's iconic logistics enterprises The

    Company service purposes: We carefully serve, the pursuit of cost leadership, so that customers be assured.

    Company development strategy: based on the Eurasian Continental Bridge East Bridgehead, radiation the country, to create the industry leader, the establishment of a sound third-party services.

    Lianyungang Friends of the International Freight Forwarders Limited, will be rich in management and excellent professionals to a very advantage of the price and dedication to provide you with very high quality service.