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    Cargo insurance knowledge: freight additional insurance

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    Additional risks Underwriting the loss caused by external risks can be divided into general additional risks and to be additional risk, respectively, corresponding to the general external risks and special external risks.

    General additional risks include: theft pick up the risk of non-risk, fresh water and rain risk, leakage risk, short-term insurance, hook damage insurance, broken collision damage insurance, rust damage insurance, mixed Jiejie insurance, string taste insurance, damp heat, packing Insurance and other 11 kinds.

    Special additional risks are mainly war risk, strike insurance, deck insurance, refused to accept insurance, less than the risk of delivery, aflatoxin, import customs duties and goods exported to Hong Kong and Macao to expand the terms of liability insurance, etc. 8 . War risk insurance has been insured plus another strike insurance is not an additional charge, the general insurance at the same time. War risk liability is not from the "warehouse to warehouse", the insurer only negative surface liability.

    Additional risks can not be insured alone, can be insured in a basic insurance basis, according to the need to protect one of the freight or a number of species. After all risks have been insured, the coverage of all general additional risks is included in the All Risks.